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Natalia´s internhip in South Africa

👉 Our another talented student Natalia Ríos Pimiento is taking the internship (in 4th semester) in South Africa in organization Fit2Run. 👏⚽️🤸🤸‍♂️

Fit2Run is a Non-Profit Organization located in Worcester, South Africa. Run entirely by volunteers, they train underprivileged children in the “art of living” through a holistic approach that enhances and develops children physically, mentally, and socially. The approach used by Fit2Run is athletics, specifically track and field, road running and cross country running.

What makes Fit2Run special is that besides providing adequate training and equipment to the kids in athletics, they support them emotionally and encourage discipline and dedication so that they can achieve better in all aspects of their life, especially in education. Working and training with them has shown me that it does not matter what the situation is, if it is school homework, a problem at home or if they just need to talk, their coach is always there. This kind of support gives them a “safe place” where they can escape from the heritages of apartheid, the gang violence and poverty.

Being able to work from the field with Fit2Run has significantly contributed to my thesis research giving me the opportunity to recognize, directly from the field, the linkages between sports and development.