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Internships/Research Stay

GLODEP’s priority is to increase the employability and competitiveness of the program’s graduates. The emphasis is on direct contact between the students and potential employers. Therefore the internship/research stay is an integral part of the program curriculum, which enables students to receive hands-on experience related to the degree and their future careers. Research stays are generally carried out at Consortium Universities and Academic Associates. Internships are mainly organized in cooperation with Non-Academic Associates.

The internship/research stay is prepared in cooperation with the tutor from the receiving institution and the coordinator from the supervisor’s university in charge of the internship/research. Students choose the institution of their internship/research stay and their supervisor, and submit the thesis assignment by the end of November of the second academic year. The supervisor must be an academic staff member at one of the Consortium Universities. The duration of the internship/research stay is 3–4 months.


Updated: 16.12.2019