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Examination and Thesis

Course examination

The course examination follows the rules of the Consortium university where the course is carried out. Each Consortium university awards marks based on its own grading system. The ‘local’ marks are converted to a common grading system.

Grade conversion table


Palacky University

University Clermont Auvergne

University of Pavia

A A 16–20 30–30+
B B 14–15.99 28–29
C C 12–13.99 24–27
D D 11–11.99 21–23
E E 10–10.99 18–20
F (failed) F (failed) <10 <18

Master Thesis

The topic of the master thesis is linked to the internship/research stay. By the end of November of the second academic year and after consultation with the supervisor the students submit the topic of their thesis. The formal assignement shall be submitted into the Palacky University system STAG by January. A thesis can only be supervised by academic staff, but students may consult other specialists.

State Final Examination

The State Final Examination takes place at Palacky University at the end of the 4th semester, end of June. It is composed of an oral exam and a defence of the master thesis. Students are examined by a committee composed of the academic members of the three Consortium Institutions. The three topics of the oral exam  include:

  1. Sustainable Development and Foresight
  2. Development Studies
  3. Economics of Sustainable Development
Updated: 24.4.2023