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Successful students will be awarded a joint Master Diploma by all three Consortium Institutions: 

    • Magistr (Mgr.) v magisterském studijním programu Development Studies and Foresight – specialization in Global Development Policy  [Master in master program Development Studies and Foresight – specialization in Global Development Policy] from Palacký University Olomouc (from cohort 2021 – 2023 – Master in master program Global Development Policy)
    • Master mention Economie du Développement, parcours Development Economics [Master program in Economics of Development, specialization Development Economics] from University of Clermont Auvergne
    • Laurea Magistrale in Economia, Finanza e Integrazione Internazionale [Economics, Finance and International Integration, LM-56] – Scienze dell’economia from University of Pavia (from cohort 2021 – 2023 – MEDI – Economics, Development and Innovation)

Students also receive a Diploma Supplement issued by Palacky University which contains marks from all semesters converted to a common grading system.

Palacky University (as the leading Consoritum university) does not provide an official GPA score recorded directly on official diploma documents, i.e. neither joint diploma nor the diploma supplement that includes all marks converted to a common grading system (A-F, according to UPOL, Czech Republic) does specify GPA in any form. The diploma and diploma supplement only distinguish between two categories of students – graduated and graduated with honours.

  • Graduated with honours – (i) “weighted average” from the courses not more than 1,5 and (ii) state exam and defence – average not more than 1,25 (both conditions have to be met)
  • Graduated – if not fulfilled conditions above

Upon request the Study department of the Faculty of Science (UPOL) can provide the students with weighted average for courses (excluding state exam and thesis defence).


Updated: 6.12.2019