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Internship in the Fundacion Buen Punto

👉Our student Marie Barillé is now taking the internship (in her 4th semester) with the Fundacion Buen Punto 🏀🏈🏐🏉🤸‍♀️

The Rugby4Choco project aims to establish sports practice in 6 townships in the region of Choco in Colombia in one year through the training of local coaches, the formalization of weekly trainings in each of these populations and the acquisition of basic implements for sports practice.

The aim of the project is that children from post-conflict areas learn to work and play together in groups and teams. The Fundacion Buen Punto works from the fundamental principles that help in the development of good citizenship and the model of fair play based on Equity, Inclusion, Respect, Trust and Responsibility.

The organization has demonstrated success in creating a safe and peaceful environment for the children to develop social skills and moral values which may otherwise be difficult to develop in the post-conflict communities they live in.