GLODEP starts this week – Students from all around the world came for ORIENTATION WEEK

Today the Department of Development and Environmental Studies welcomed students from Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Armenia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Hungary, and Portugal and some more are still to cut through the administrative challenges and join us later. On Monday 11th September GLODEP program finally became real. Students arrived and got to know each other, discovered Olomouc city and Palacky University and also skimmed through the GLODEP Program. This Orientation Week takes 5 days and the classes start on 18th September.

First day – getting to know each other (also with buddies)

Official welcome for all international students

Getting to know Olomouc city

Reception with rector

Skype conference with partner universities in Pavia and Clermont-Ferrand

Sharing about expetations and personal goals

sharing about personal goals and expectations

Sharing about personal goals and expectations

Welcome with rector of Palacky University

Enrolment to the study program